Best Indoor Plants: celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

Best Indoor Plants: celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day
10/01/2019 Anna Sjostrom Walton
Wondering which is the best house plant to buy for your home or office? Go for both air purifying plants like peace lily or spider plants, combined with impressive big leaf plants like this cheese plant (aka monstera deliciosa) for maximum impact and benefit. Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

You’ll no doubt have seen the huge increase in houseplant popularity this year. So you may now ask yourself, which are the best indoor plants? Well, what better time to turn to our green friends, than Houseplant Appreciation Day, 10th January!


According biophilic design (which answers our innate need to connect with nature) our wellbeing, productivity and creativity increase by as much as 15% if we have elements from the natural world indoors. So lets get that green goodness flowing!


Instagram is an amazing source of inspiration. But to figure out the best indoor plants for you, consider not only your decor style, but also what will work in your home. It it light, dark, breezy, hot, north facing, south facing…? (More on that here).


What plant should I buy?

The peace lily, the 70s interiors style icon, is back! And with good reason too, as along with spider plants, is one of the best air purifying plants around. These, along with spider plants, are excellent in bedrooms and offices. But you do need quite a few of them.


We fill our house with Aloe Vera, an essential part of our family’s natural first aid kit. Tear off a small part and open to expose the juice, then use for burns and skin conditions like psoriasis and dandruff (it’s a miracle cure combined with tea tree oil).

House plants can help care for your wellbeing, with many benefits. Here are some of them: - they purify the air, by removing pollutants and releasing oxygen - the let out phytochemicals, limiting mold spores and bacteria in the air - make the air more humid, great in houses with central heating - help you concentrate - lift your spirit, lowers heart rate and blood pressure improves relationships (yes really!). So now, which is the best house plant to buy? Read the blog at to find out!

House plant benefits extend beyond just air purification and medicinal purposes. Plants also visually stimulating, connecting us with nature, lowering our heart rate and slowing our breathing. For this, opt for big leaf options with maximum impact (enter the mighty Cheese Plant) and place plants at varying heights. You can also add home decor with plant motifs, or motifs that suggest images of nature. In the Chalk & Moss online shop, we sell inspiring prints of the cheese Plant, banana leaf plant, rubber plant and fern from original artwork by Dollybirds Art.


If you want to create a soothing space, ferns are a popular choice. In their natural habitat, they grow by flowing streams and shaded woodland. So they will thank you for a shady spot, where they bring peace to your corner.


If you’re after more plant tips by room or personality type, or you’re worried about how care for your house plants, head on over to this blog post for advice. For a fun project, try making your own hanging kokedama ball with ferns and other plants. Here’s how.

Kokedama balls can be made with large or small plants. Ferns and tropical plants are particularly suitable. The Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa) print is by Dollybirds Art, available in the Chalk & Moss online shop. Learn how to make kokedama balls on the Chalk & Moss blog.


Where to buy natural homewares

Now that you know some of the best indoor plants, it’s time to accessorise! To shop nature connected homewares to complement your new greenery, step into the Chalk & Moss shop.

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