Cheese Plant Botanical Print – Monstera Deliciosa


Signed A3 botanical Cheese Plant Print | Monstera Deliciosa.
Painted, printed and hand finished in Belfast by Dollybirds Art.
Printed onto thick 300GSM IPS uncoated art paper.
Create powerful natural impact with all three tropical botanical prints in the Dollybirds collection!


Cheese Plant Botanical Print – Monstera Deliciosa Tropical Leaves


A3 botanical print of the heart-shaped Cheese Plant leaf.


This print is created from original acrylic artwork by Dollybirds Art, which is then printed and hand finished in Belfast.


Native to Mexico and Panama, the “holes” in the Monstera Deliciosa‘s leaf protect it from high winds and heavy downpours in the rainforest. It’s glossy texture and unusual shape makes it a favourite houseplant. Each print comes with a little plant fact on the label.


Including plants and plant motifs indoors give us an important connection to nature, to make you feel at ease. The approach of incorporating nature inside to improve health and wellbeing is called Biophilic design, which you can read about on the Chalk & Moss blog. So the Dollybirds Art prints can actually help improve your positive vibes!


Create a powerful natural impact with all three tropical botanical prints in the Dollybirds collection!


We hope you’ll fall in love with your Cheese Plant botanical print! Click here to see other Dollybirds Art prints.

Additional information

Dimensions 29.7 x 42 cm

Delivery & Details

Signed A3 plant print, printed onto thick FSC certified 300GSM IPS uncoated art paper.


Fits into a standard frame.




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About the Designer

Eimear Maguire


Eimear Maguire of Dollybirds Art is one of those people who you just can’t help but want to spend more time with. Her passion and excitement for life, nature and her art shine through and reflects beautifully in her art.


Since 2013, Eimear has been making beautifully lifelike prints of flora and fauna from her Belfast studio. From botanical prints to indigenous birds, she brings the joys of the natural world to our homes. These include hand painted puffins, swallows, cheese plants and banana leafs, printed to a very high quality within 10 miles of the studio. Many pieces are of archival quality, guaranteed to last a lifetime. Each piece is signed and printed on FSC certified paper.


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