About Chalk & Moss

Anna Sjöström Walton, founder of Chalk & Moss, a green design blog and shop. Focused on the ideas of Biophilic Design, I recognise the importance of (re-)connecting with nature in our interior spaces and beyond, if we want to live well.

Chalk & Moss is a biophilic green design blog and online shop. Through ideas and homewares, Chalk & Moss help you connect with nature in your home or office, so you feel happy, healthy and productive.

My name is Anna Sjöström Walton, a UK grown Swede. I have a love of nature, green design home interiors and natural whole foods that make us feel great. I combine natural elements, materials and nutrients in our spaces and bodies to help our overall wellbeing and productivity.


Biophilic Design: Green Design for Wellbeing

So called Biophilic design achieves wellbeing by reconnecting us to nature through the spaces we occupy. This is the umbrella for my approach. It can easily be translated to our own homes through aspects of green design.

Research in fields like biophilic design and nature therapy shows that having access to nature and even natural elements have a positive impact on wellbeing. This can reduce absenteeism, speed up recovery from illness, improve creativity and productivity, and more. Therefore, it’s an important factor in homes, schools, hospitals and the workplace. These benefits come by using plants and greenery, letting in daylight and natural views. You can even choose materials and forms that mimic nature.

Founded May 2017, Chalk & Moss is a source of inspiration, news, ideas and research around natural and holistic living. Biophilic interior design and nutrition is central.


Naturally Connected Interiors Shop

The Chalk & Moss online shop sells carefully selected homewares, furniture and accessories that meet this natural biophilic interior design approach. All items are selected for their connection to nature and with your wellbeing in mind. Products sold are also ethical and sustainable.


I can also help with…

My background lies in content creation and partnerships in the interiors market. I work with storytelling, alongside product and content selection for branding purposes, PR, digital marketing, business development, account management, events and partnerships. I’d gladly discuss any services you may have in mind for your projects! Find out more about Services offered.

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Subscribe for news and offers, plus your free “5 step Biophilic Design guide for wellbeing”!