IKEA and Tom Dixon take on the HACK – DELAKTIG

IKEA and Tom Dixon take on the HACK – DELAKTIG
30/01/2018 Anna Sjostrom Walton
Tom Dixon and IKEA have collaborated on the Delaktig collection, released 9th February 2018. Shortly following the death of Invar Kamprad, IKEA's founder.

In the wake of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad’s passing, comes a collaboration with Tom Dixon said to revolutionise the sofa.

IKEA hacks from around the world get smarter and better looking every day, from replacement kitchen doors by Superfront to everyday repurposing of furniture. So what’s the response? IKEA embraces this movement with British Industrial Design heavyweight Tom Dixon, creating a modular sofa-cum-bed-cum-entertaining-station. And as a Swede living in the UK, I’m always excited to hear of IKEA’s latest collaborative innovations.

Tom Dixon IKEA collaboration: Delaktig. A modular furniture collection for contemporary living.

The collection is called DELAKTIG, meaning “taking part” in Swedish. This aluminium, open source “platform for living” invites users to make it their own, by adding, removing or completely changing the piece at their own will. The aluminium frame is a blank canvas from which to experiment and make a piece of furniture that suits your space and needs. You can add to the platform a lamp, a side table, a choice of armrests, fabrics and cushions. These easily combine to create a sofa, a bed or a space to live life and entertain, all in a short shift. This approach it perfect for small spaces or spaces where many activities happen. Whilst challenging norms, DELAKTIG remains true to IKEA’s cornerstone mission to uphold aesthetics, affordable price, long life and democracy.

Tom Dixon and IKEA create a modular sofa bed with accessories - DELAKTIG, launches February 2018.


IKEA and Tom Dixon: A Co-Operative Open Source Project

IKEA’s collaboration with Tom Dixon celebrates differences. Tom’s not one to do things by the book. He dropped out of school and followed his music passion with his band “Funkapolitan”, taught himself to weld and eventually began producing furniture. Today, his work appears in design led homes and museums alike.

As well as the furniture created by IKEA, Tom Dixon will create his own accessories to compliment the DELAKTIG series. True to the DELAKTIG’s “involved” spirit, IKEA invited 75 design students to also submit their ideas for DELAKTIG add-ons to follow. Tom Dixon supports this initiative: ”The more people that get involved in DELAKTIG – the better. I think that’s how a modern business should work.”

Tom Dixon jumped on the IKEA hack idea, creating the modular DELAKTIG collection.

IKEA and Tom Dixon create the DELAKTIG open source platform sofa.

See the full IKEA and Tom Dixon collection from February 9th on IKEA’s website.

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All images courtesy of IKEA unless otherwise stated.

Tom Dixon, collaborating with IKEA on DELAKTIG

British Industrial Designer Tom Dixon.
Photo courtesy of Tom Dixon.

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  1. Jo Chrobak 6 years ago

    Beautifully written article. Inspiring and eloquent.

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      Thank you so much Jo for those very kind words. I’m really glad you enjoyed it, Anna x

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