London Design Festival Trends: 21 Botanical Designs

London Design Festival Trends: 21 Botanical Designs
27/09/2017 Anna Sjostrom Walton
London Design Festival was green this year! London Design Fair placed a large number of plants around the show to help guide visitors and make them happy.

London Design Festival is now a wrap. Without a doubt, biophilic design and botanical influences were high on the agenda among event organisers, exhibitors and speakers. Looking around London Design Fair, Decorex, Design Junction, Top Drawer and 100% Design, plants and natural materials were everywhere; both symbolic and real. It seems the UK is starting to understand the importance of biophilic design principles (if not by name). Let in natural light, greenery, fresh air, natural sights and textures, to let people feel healthier, happier, productive and more creative. Here’s a small selection of 21 designs from London Design Festival, showing the strong presence in mind of biophilic design, with natural materials and botanical influences.

London Design Festival: Biophilic & Botanical Highlights

London Design Fair

London Design Fair at London Design Festival treated visitors to design collaboration Hynd and Halliday. Beautiful coffee set and ceramic table.

This design collaboration by Hynd and Halliday is simply stunning. The tones, colours and tactile quality of the coffee set and marbled table make them a beautiful touch in a nature focused home. This collaboration by designers Myer Halliday and Eve Hynd of Nativeflok was created for London Design Fair during the London Design Festival.

London Design Festival - Tom Trimmins plant shelf, to facilitate a biophilic designed interior.

A lovely shaped hanging plant shelf in bent wood by Tom Trimmins Woodwork. Great to see that plants, botanics and biophilic design are a major theme at London Design Fair, and more generally the whole London Design Festival, this year!

London Design Festival: Cosy mood lighting by One Foot Taller. Combine with a good book, a fire, some candles and lots of natural fibres for a tactile environment.

This new lighting collection by One Foot Taller is just in time for cosy autumn evenings. It’s important to appreciate what autumn brings. Remember to include mood lighting, rich natural textures and deep green plants in your space as the light recedes.

The Tortie Hoare collection at London Design Fair, part of London Design Festival. The raw materials leather and wood seen in this collection make it a great addition to biophilically designed interiors.

Tortie Hoare’s collection at London Design Fair included remarkable chairs in leather, deer hide and more. This piece is dressed in a timeless fabric by Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn. This fabric never ceases to lose its appeal for a botanical quality. The chair and stool seem to wrap the body in comfort. 

Recently launched Blankture showed their work for the first time at London Design Fair, during the London Design Festival. Interesting lighting that is responsibly sourced and local where possible.

Stockholm based Blankture carefully select suppliers of wood, leather and brass who share their values around sustainability and craftsmanship. The wood in these stackable pendants comes from Swedish forests, and is beautifully soft to touch. This was Blankture’s first appearance at the London Design Festival.

London Design Festival was green this year! London Design Fair placed a large number of plants around the show to help guide visitors and make them happy.

Biophilia takes over London Design Fair and it’s here to stay! Botany was the theme of this year’s show, where they highlighted the key benefits of plants, including reducing CO2, pollutants and dust. It seems it’s now more widely understood that inviting nature into your lives makes you more happy, heathy, creative and productive. LDF placed 500 plants around the show, replacing many temporary walls and helping visitors find their way.

London Design Junction

London Design Festival candles by Abalon. Shown at Design Junction.

Candles by Abalon, shown several shows during London Design Fair. As autumn sets in, it’s important to feel snug at home. Candles are a great way to create a feeling of hygge, cosy, mysigt, or whichever term you choose to describe that special mood. Candles are particularly attractive in this delicate porcelain, as the light shines through creating a warm glow in the room.

Beautifully tactile lamps and furniture in natural materials, by Tamasine Osher at London Design Festival.

Beautifully handmade tactile lamps and furniture in natural materials, by Tamasine Osher.

London Design Festival has gone green big time! All the shows and the majority of stands showed biophilic elements.

Design House Stockholm had large and small terrariums on show at Design Junction during London Design Festival. This large terrarium would be ideal for an office or hotel. Their smaller glass terrariums, designed to grow seedlings, would look great in offices and homes. They’d also be a refreshing addition in hospitals and schools, watching new life grow.

London Design Festival included natural design pieces by Sweden's Design House Stockholm.

The entire Design House Stockholm collection shown at the London Design Junction suits a biophilic interior. The collection includes pieces in glass, wood and leather that complements an interior full of light and greenery.

Top Drawer

Botanics at Top Drawer / London Design Festival: Dollybirds Art prints and notebooks.

Whether you fill your space with plants or not, these botanical prints by Dollybirds Art would be a nice touch. Also check out her bird prints. A lovely lady with a lot of knowledge about flora and fauna.


London Design Festival: Japanese design principles guided Hugh Miller in these designs, showing a leaf from the tree it came from.

The Nishi side table by Hugh Miller for Benchmark. The Nishi side table and the Norio coffee table were inspired by Japanese principles, including showing a leaf of the tree it originated from. Paired here with the Lyndall sofa by Sean Sutcliffe.

Simon Hasan showed his work at the Future Heritage stand at Decorex, London Design Festival 2017.

Simon Hasan’s meticulously beautiful collection of leather and brass lighting, a leather tray, a glass decanter and other accessories. 

Genevieve Bennett showed her leather mirror at Decorex, London Design Festival 2017.

Hand crafted leather mirror by Genevieve Bennett Design, with intricate patterns. Genevieve is inspired by the notion of lifetime possession, of permanence. Pieces, surfaces, and objects that become more beautiful with the passing of time.

100% Design

Biophilic and botanical was an important theme at 100% Design, Top Drawer and London Design Fair in 2017. This is the central bar at 100% Design in London, plants supplied by Patch.

Patch aim to transform how people buy plants, helping young urbanites green up their spaces by shopping online. Patch was the name behind the central bar at 100% Design.

Joe McNamara at The Lucent Crow designed this bent wood pendant, which throws beautiful shadows. Seen at London Design Festival's 100% Design.

This wooden pendant by The Lucent Crow casts a beautiful shadow play around the room, highlighting the shape of the piece.

Branco Furniture from Portugal showed their hand crafted wooden chairs at 100% Design, during the London Design Festival.

Portugal’s Branca produces these wonderfully shaped wooden chairs. Don’t miss their rocking chair too, which sadly didn’t make an appearance at 100% Design due to space limitations.

Artists and designers show their work at 100% Design, during London Design Festival. Solid Soul Design.

Smooth and eye catchin curves in this concrete seating by Solid Soul Design. A place to sit and watch the world go by. Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is used due to its ability to reduce carbon footprint by 40% compared to standard concrete. It also gives unique opportunities with texture and shape.

London Design Festival was again treated to Kung Sauna at 100% Design. They have just won the German design awards for this freestanding sauna.

This stunning freestanding sauna by Kuengsauna (Kung Sauna) won the German design awards recently. Just imagine all the inspiring views you’d like to see from inside!

See more of biophilic London Design and Beyond

Many of the items shown here will soon be available in the upcoming Chalk & Moss online shop. This will be a curated concept boutique sourcing homewares, furniture and accessories that suit a natural, biophilic approach to life and design. The shop sources directly from the craftsmen, as it’s important to support the craftsmen that keep important skills, techniques and values alive. Many of the items will be hand made specially for you. Research shows that the more we have to wait for something, the more special it becomes to us. That anticipation actually makes us happier in ourselves. So in today’s world of online shopping, opt to buy things that don’t have overnight delivery, or buy tickets for an event far in advance. I recommend listening to the ARC podcast episode of Goodlife Project, which explains the happiness gained from anticipation.

To see other talented makers from other London craft shows, do revisit the highlights from House and Garden Fair, Clerkenwell Design Week and London Craft Week.

To be kept up to date on more biophilic and botanical designs from around the world, sign up for the weekly Chalk & Moss newsletter and follow biophilic related trends on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Botanical may or may not be a theme for next year’s London Design Festival as trends come and go. But sustainability, green design and a biophilic approach is sure to be here to stay!

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