ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland now open for 2017-18 Season!

ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland now open for 2017-18 Season!
19/12/2017 Anna Sjostrom Walton
Monstera design as ice sculptures at ice hotel

The 28th edition of the famous ICEHOTEL in the Swedish Lapland has now opened its doors for the 2017-18 season!

During the past six weeks, artists from all corners of the globe have brought their winning designs to life. Each team worked on one of the hotel’s 35 rooms, in Arctic temperatures hovering around -27 centigrade. Chalk & Moss had inside access to the full build on Chalk & Moss. You can see the first build stage here, and the final here.

The ICEHOTEL lies 200km north of Sweden’s Arctic Circle, in the small town of Jukkasjärvi. Two tonne blocks of ice were harvested in the spring from the clear Torne river and stored until work would begin. At the end of November, the artists received 200kg blocks of ice to carve into their spectacular creations.

What’s it like building with ice in the Swedish Lapland?

Chalk & Moss has had a unique insight into this year’s hotel development. The UK artist team, brothers Hugh and Howard Miller, have sent regular live updates in the form of a making diary. So right here you explore the making of their room titled “A Rich Seam”. See phase 1 and phase 2 of the build as it progressed, experiencing first hand the ups and downs of working with some unusual building materials in sub-zero temperatures in the Swedish Lapland. Very soon, you’ll also see a walk through of their final final creation and the concept design of their room. So subscribe for updates!

ICEHOTEL Sweden 2017-18 in Pictures

Arne Bergh, Creative Director at ICEHOTEL, says “I think we’ve managed to refine Torne River better than ever. The art is exceptional with a great variation and we are looking forward to welcome guests from all over the world”.

The ICEHOTEL tickles the imagination of the most curious and winter loving traveller. Nestle into an underground ice mine, sharing your bedroom with King Kong, sleeping on a fluffy cloud, and being watched over by Astronauts are all options for you now! I’m pleased to share with you now the first of the ICEHOTEL images, edition #28!  Come April 2018, the hotel will once again melt and become part of nature, so catch it while it’s here…

All photos by Asaf Kliger @ICEHOTEL

geometric icehotel design, this is the Radiance art suite at the ice hotel

Stunning geometric forms and tree artwork in the ice make up the “Radiance” Art Suite. Designed and sculpted by Natsuki Saito & Shingo Saito at ICEHOTEL #28, 2017-2018 . Photo by Asaf Kliger.

“A Rich Seam”, by Hugh and Howard Miller (UK). This design explores the idea of digging through snow in a mine to find a seam in the ice, then continuing digging to make new discoveries. Photo by Asaf Kliger. Catch up on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the build on the Chalk & Moss blog!

Monstera design as ice sculptures at ice hotel

“Monstera” Art Suite. Jewellery designer Nina Kauppi designed “Monstera” together with her partner Johan Kauppi. Being the daughter of a gardener, Nina was raised in a greenhouse from which inspiration led to this myriad of large leaf foliage. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

Daily Travellers is a room at the ICEHOTEL Sweden, and refers to the boat journey by refugees across the Mediterranean

Art Suite: “Daily Travellers”, designed by Alem Teklu (Ethiopia) & Anne Karin Krogevoll (Norway). Daily Travellers is inspired by the boat journey made by refugees across the Mediterranean Sea. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

invisible invincible shows staggeringly tall marching women at this year's ICEHOTEL Sweden, where you can see the mighty Northern Lights.

”The invisible (invincible)” delux suite by Lena Kriström and Nina Hedman. This room features an impressive army of sculpted marching women, each measuring three meters high. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

labyrinth design at Icehotel Sweden, where you can see northern lights

All year round lodging at the ICEHOTEL 365 Deluxe Suite: “34 meters” by Luca Roncoroni and Dave Ruane.
This design features a 34-meter ice wall shaped in the form of a labyrinth leading to the bed. Photo Asaf Kliger.

thin ice at the ICEHOTEL Sweden. The real ice outside is likely thick enough to walk on though. There you can do activities like see the Northern Lights and husky sledding.

ICEHOTEL 365 Art Suite for the 2017-2018 season. “Danger: Thin Ice”, designed by Franziska Agrawal. Guests reach their bed for the night by crossing the bridge and treading across thin ice. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

“White Desert” with its shard of ice and impressive cool light. Created by Timsam Harding & Fabián Jacquet Casado. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

This fluffy, billowy cloud surrounds you during your sleep in “The Wandering Cloud” Art Suite. Design by Lisa Lindqvist. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

icehotel space room, with frozen ice hotel sculptures

Two astronauts watch over you in the “Space Room” Art Suite. Designed and made by Adrian Bois
 & Pablo Lopez. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

Queen of the North bedroom at icehotel, aka ice hotel

The imposing “Queen of the North” guards you in this Art Suite, designed Emilie Steele & Sebastian Dell’Uva. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

“Livoq” Suite. Design by Fabien Champeval & Friederike Schroth. The light and geometric shadow play with the small opening in the ceiling is just spectacular! Photo by Asaf Kliger.

The tactile “Last Fabergé Egg” Art Suite displays beautifully detailed snow and ice carvings. Design by Tomasz Czajkowski & Eryk Marks.
Photo Asaf Kliger.

Cosy up next to King Kong in this Art Suite, created by Lkhagvadorj Dorjsuren. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

“Hang in There”, but without any danger of falling out! Art Suite for ICEHOTEL #28 designed and made by Marjolein Vonk and Maurizio Perron. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

snail sculpture underwater scene at ice hotel

Magical moving creatures dominate the underwater like “Ground Rules” Art Suite in ICEHOTEl #28. Imagined, designed and made by Carl Wellander & Ulrika Tallving. Photo by Asaf Kliger.

The clean and inspiring “Follow the White Rabbit” by AnnaSofia Mååg & Niklas Byman.
Photo by Asaf Kliger.

I hope this roundup of the spectacular ICEHOTEL in the Swedish Lapland has inspired you to visit this remote and wonderful part of the world. If so, ICEHOTEL offers activities in the area like seeing the Northern Lights, husky tours, wilderness cooking and enjoying their unique dinner menu! I’d love to see comments here with your own Arctic experiences or future dreams!

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