Vertical Garden planter kit – Large kit – 12 terracotta planters / 6 frames

Vertical Garden planter kit – Large kit – 12 terracotta planters / 6 frames



Large living wall planter kit, with 12 terracota planters and 6 frames. Create the vertical garden you’ve always dreamt of! Available in S, M, L, XL.
(w)920mm x (h)1150mm x (d)180mm


Complete the look

A large living wall planter kit that fits that will give your space botanical comfort. The design makes it easy to care for and fit into your interior style. A large, but not overly imposing indoor plant wall kit consisting of 12 terracotta planters and 6 frames.

With this large living wall planter, you can have a different natural home effect for different rooms. For instance, a vertical food garden, an impressive living room statement piece to soothe body and mind, an inviting green wall hallway, or a fully immersive living green bathroom.

The plants can easily be lifted out for re-potting. Watering the plant’s roots is easy through the holes in the planter’s top side, which features a sloping edge to avoid spills.

The terracotta planters are beautiful in themselves, so leave some of them unplanted while you decide the direction you want your vertical wall planter to take. The planter pot is pure terracotta (the image showing a white front may become available in the future). The frames are made of powder coated steel.

Horcicus vertical garden planters are available to order in 4 sizes (small to extra large). You can buy spare planters and frames as your urban jungle expands and you want to grow your vertical wall planter.


Product dimensions: Large living wall planter kit

(w)920mm x (h)1150mm x (d)180mm

These are the dimensions if the frames are placed in the most compact configuration. The system is modular, so you can also make the configuration wider, or in which ever way suits the space. Each frame can hold up to 3 planters. The kits do not have a terracotta planter for each space, both for aesthetics and to allow breathing space for the plants.

While plants are not included, find great living wall plant tips on the deliveries and details tab of this listing

The terracotta planters and frames are made in the UK by craftsmen with expertise and precision. Note, some natural variation in tone occurs in terracotta.

Horticus planters are made to order, with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Please contact us before ordering this Large vertical wall planter, so we can give you an accurate shipping cost. The Chalk & Moss standard postage fee of £5.95 does not apply to this product, due to its size.

To see the full collection of accessories and planters in all sizes, please look at the Horticus brand page.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 920 × 180 × 1150 cm



Indoor vertical garden kits
This vertical planter makes a statement in your natural interior, for a welcoming and restorative atmosphere. Achieve a botanical style that's long lasting and easy to care for. An ideal interior living wall kit consisting of just the right number of terracotta planters and frames for your space. There are several kits to choose from, and you can buy separates to grow your garden further. This modular living wall system lets you customise the look, with a choice of kits to suit the space and style of your room (S-XL). There's so much potential to design your perfect layout! Water your vertical horticulture garden from the top of each terracotta planter, through the specially designed holes. The slope to prevents overflowing. The natural terracotta planters and frames are made to be visible, with a beautiful design, texture and quality. The frames are stylishly made from powder coated steel. Reconnect your home interior with nature with a vertical living wall; your mind and body will thank you for it. Bringing nature into our home for wellness called biophilic interiors. Create a vertical living wall statement piece, an urban jungle bathroom, vertical garden kitchen or a relaxing oasis in a bedroom. Add some air purifying and calming plants in your vertical planter, like lavender and peace lilies, creating your dream nature inspired home decor. New elements like speakers and humidifiers are being developed. These beautiful terracotta planters and frames are made in the UK with passion, expertise and precision.

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Delivery & Details

Horticus planters are made to order. The standard lead time is 6-8 weeks at most. However, Covid lockdown has led to a 12 week lead time until early 2021. 

They are sent via UPS, with a 3-5 day turnaround time once shipped.

If you’re ordering the large or extra large kit, please contact us for an accurate shipping cost before ordering. Otherwise we’ll contact you afterwards and let you know what the additional charge is on top of the standard shipping Chalk & Moss fee.

Note: Planters may vary slightly in colour and dimensions, due to the unique nature of the terracotta and its behaviour during a firing process.

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Living wall plant recommendations:

These plants recommendations are based on brightness levels your windows can provide. Please bear in mind that climatic conditions in every house vary, so if you your home gets rather warm, especially during winter, don’t forget to spray your plants to keep the dry air at bay. Grouping plants together helps with reducing water loss from the leaves and maintaining better humidity.

Bright light (ie direct sunlight):

Succulents Hibiscus Bridal wreath (Stephanotis)

Geranium Passion fruit (Passiflora)

Chinese money plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

Spiderwort (Tradescantia)

Mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis)

Silver inch plant (tradescantia zebrina)

Filtered light:

You still get good sun rays, so the room is bright, but the sun is not direct, scorching the leaves.

Begonia Rattlesnake plant (Calathe lancifolia)

Orchids Monkey Jars (Nepenthes)

Hoya (Hoya liniaris)

Lady’s purse (Calceolaria)

Button fern (Pellaea)

String of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)

String of hearts (Ceropegia woodii)

Light to full shade:

Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Strawberry begonia (Saxifraga stolonifera)

English ivy (Hedera helix)

Maidenhair fern (Adiantum capillus-veneris)

Asian saber fern (Polystichum neolobatum)

Royal fern (Osmunda Regalis)

Cast Iron plant (Aspidistra) – Will tolerate a certain level of neglect.

Bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus)

Sword fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

Mosaic plant (Fittonia)

Aluminium plant (Pilea cadierei)

About the Designer - Horticus

Living room wall garden, kitchen allotment, green bedroom oasis, steamy bathroom jungle. Make any room a living habitat.


Unearth the possibilities

A flexible vertical living wall system that can grow in keeping with your demands. Define the size and layout of your vertical garden according to your preference.

Select from pods with different functions and create endless combinations to suit your space and environment.


Everyday encounters

Horticus planters offer ample room for roots and can be watered from above through a grid of watering holes.

The frames allow for the pods to be lifted in and out. Great when it comes to re-potting, routine maintenance or a simple spring airing.


Terracotta and steel

Horticus pods are made from terracotta. Natural, porous and earthy it’s beautiful and great for plant roots. The frames are powder coated steel, strong and resistant to rust.

Both materials provide beautiful contrast to plants and will complement all colour schemes.

The pods and planters are made in the UK by skilled craftsmen.