Eco friendly gifts for her : Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day

Eco friendly gifts for her : Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day
01/02/2019 Anna Sjostrom Walton
The Pelin scarf also drapes beautifully as a striped throw and is a lightweight and quick drying towel for the bathroom or beach. This Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, are you hoping for eco friendly gifts that are kind to both you and the planet?

This Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, are you hoping for eco friendly gifts that are kind to both you and the planet? Would you like to be part of the community that moves away from throwaway over-consumerism?

If so, I have sustainable and ethical suggestions from the Chalk & Moss shop. It’s good timing too – has had a make-over this month, and you can now make your own Wish List! Why not share this with someone who cares as much as you do.

Online homeware shop Chalk & Moss ( has sustainable kitchenware, textiles, furniture and accessories that connect us to nature for wellbeing. The underlying principles are those of Biophilic Design, which shows that our wellbeing, productivity and creativity improve by up to 15% if we bring nature indoors. So everything in the shop has natural materials and colours, with soothing textures. Chalk & Moss sells products by designers, makers and brands with an ethical and sustainable mission. Continue reading to the end to hear the ethical stories of each of the brands featured here.

Eco jewellery inspired by weather patterns

Instead of heart shaped sugary chocolates, how about jewellery made from recycled metals and inspired by changing weather patterns. For example, the Lava Drop pendant (£96-267), which looks like smooth molten lava, or the Magma earrings (£230-260) or the Three Peaks silver stacking rings (£240). Hand made using recycled metals and sustainable packaging by Emma Aitchison.

Lava drop ruby pendants - two red rubies sit flush with the surface of this 18ct gold plated silver pendant necklace. Handmade jewellery, inspired by nature and the changing weather patterns.

Lava drop ruby pendants – red rubies are sunk into this silver pendant necklace with 18ct gold plate. Handmade jewellery, drawing on inspiration from mountains and lava.

Magma earrings gold lifestyle

Magma earrings by Emma Aitchison, inspired by the flow of lava.

Silver stacking rings - Three Peaks ring Mountain collection in silver and brass

Silver stacking rings – Three Peaks ring Mountain collection with silver and brass stacking rings.










Luxurious fabrics

For maximum versatility and comfort, a Turkish peshtemal is a beautiful and practical choice. Peshtemals can be used as lightweight towels, throws, scarves and even as a tablecloth. They’re hand woven in OEKO TEX certified natural cotton by family ateliers in Turkey. The Pelin (£35) and Bergama (£35) by Luks Linen are best sellers:

Eco friendly scarf in natural cotton, handmade by master weavers in Turkey.

Bergama peshtemal towel



Self care for yourself and the planet

Lovely self-care ideas for home and away include the popular Solstice oven gloves (£20), organic lunch bag (£16.20) and artisan made copper water bottle (£39-41).

Solstice double oven glove inspired by Scandinavian 1970s shapes and Eastern European patterns. 84x20cm. 100% cotton with towelling back, heat resistant. Available in two colour ways. This is the "Bright" design.Eco lunch bag in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Shown here in white and blue. The handy strap has several size options depending on your appetite!Copper water bottles by Yogibeings, available on The water becomes icon charged, giving you antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits. Find your preferred style on Chalk & Moss!


Keep reading to find out why the makers of these eco friendly gifts stand out as being ethical.

This post just shows a selection of some of the ethical and sustainable homeware brands sold on Chalk & Moss. You can see all the brands here.

Here’s a link where you can find this Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gift curation, plus more thoughtful, eco friendly gifts for that special lady:

If you want to see even more gifts, all ethical and sustainable, of course, head here:

Do check the delivery tab for each item, as some are handmade just for you. Sometimes the maker does have limited stock available, so you can always drop me a line to check.

Why not add your favourites to your very own wish list, and share this with those you think might act on it. Just click the button when viewing a product to add it to your wish list, which you can then share on social media or by email to that special someone.


An offer just for readers of this post

As we don’t follow fads, trends or seasonal purchases that encourage overconsumption and throwaway purchases, we’ve not run a January sale. But to help you along your way to a more sustainable lifestyle, here’s a 10% off code that you can use towards your purchase: “gogreen”. Just enter the code at checkout in the online homeware shop.
(Excludes furniture & lighting, valid until Sunday 31st March).

As I mention that these are eco friendly gifts, I’d like to tell you about the ethical mission of the brands I presented in this Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gift curation:


Eco friendly gifts with ethical brands on Chalk & Moss

Emma Aitchison (jewellery):
Emma’s carbon neutral jewellery uses 100% recycled silver and gold wherever possible, and sustainably sourced packaging, including FSC certified paper. The metals Emma uses are Fairtrade, and she takes the Fairtrade pledge every year. In her studio, every effort is made to reduce waste and energy consumption.
Inspired by nature, Emma studies weather pattern graphs as inspiration for her pieces, as a way to educate people about environmental issues, and a reminder of how fragile and beautiful our earth is. Emma makes her jewellery in her studio in London. See Emma’s products here.

Luks Linen Turkish (peshtemals):
UK based Luks Linen supports small communities of master weavers and family ateliers, whose skills are becoming replaced by mass-market manufacturing.
The natural cotton used is grown, spun and dyed locally for Luks’ ateliers.
All their products have OEKO TEX certification and they aim to become a fully certified organic brand in 2019. OEKO TEX certification ensures no harmful substances are used (find out more here). Luks works with designer and artists who promote the use of GOTS accredited organic cotton. See Luks products here.

The Organic Company (lunch bag):
Since 2007, founder Joy Vasiljev has developed The Organic Company, based in Copenhagen, to produce meaningful home textiles that continue to push organic standards. All their products have the Soil Association accreditation and are certified with the international organic label GOTS (find out more about GOTS – Global Organic Textiles Standard here).
The GOTS standard focuses on 2 major areas; environment and social responsibility, and guarantees that all fabrics are free from toxins and heavy metals, and international workers rights are respected. The products are responsibly made in India, from where the cotton also originates. See The Organic Company’s products here.

Softer + Wild (oven gloves):
Softer + Wild’s botanical printed kitchen textiles are designed in their family run studio in East Sussex, and made locally in small batches using natural unbleached cotton.
The company has high sustainability and ethical standards, and subsequently, the cotton is produced to excellent environmental standards, as well as within a fair workplace. The cotton used is unbleached and untreated and is woven in their workshop. All dye is water-based and gentle.
Softer + Wild have full traceability of their materials. All items are produced in an ethical workplace, which values the people who work there and cares about the environment. See Softer + Wild’s products here.

Yogibeings (copper water bottle):
Yogibeings began life in Australia as a resource to bring you closer to modern day Ayurvedic living. They want to capture wisdom that has lived in Indian families for generations, and bring this to you in an accessible, digestible form. They now offer these copper water bottles, made by artisans in India. Water charged with copper ions is healing. A copper bottle activates antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-microbial properties, which aid digestion, joint health and red blood cells. This improves your body’s ability to absorb iron, regulates the thyroid gland, increases melanin, which protects your body from sun damage, regenerates cell damage and much more. Copper also helps keep your water cool. See Yogibeings’ products here.

I hope this curations has given you inspiration for thoughtful purchases and ethical wishlists for the year ahead. If you have any questions about these products or the designers, do drop me a line.

That 10% discount code again is GOGREEN. Just pop it in the box in the shop on checkout by 31st March 2019 (excludes furniture & lighting).

I hope you like the new design of the Chalk & Moss website!  There are still plenty of tweaks to be made, so I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions. Comment below or drop me a line here.

If you’re curious about Biophilic Design and how reconnecting with nature in your home can help your wellbeing, you can read more here. And you can see how I applied it in my own home here.

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