Copper water bottle (850ml) – Athlete | hammered, matte, pure


Copper water bottle in hammered matte copper. The ion charged water from this bottle can help ease digestive ailments and sore joints, protect you from sun damage and keep your skin youthful by helping cells regenerate, and much more! This is the Athlete model with a wide mouth and 850ml capacity.


Copper water bottle “Athlete” – hammered, matte


This copper water bottle is practical, beautiful and gives you a host of health benefits! Perfect for sports and hot days, the opening of this 850ml drinking bottle is extra wide and smooth to let you pop in some ice cubes. The smooth texture also forms satisfyingly to your mouth.


Your copper bottle activates powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties to boost joint health, red blood cells and your digestion. Ion charged water also helps digestive illnesses, helps your body absorb iron, regulates the thyroid gland and boosts hormone production needed for skin cell regeneration. The anti-inflammatory properties can help ease joint pain. These benefits come from leaving the water in the bottle overnight (8-10 hours).


Pure copper keeps water naturally cool (and put it in the fridge if you want it even colder to start with).


Click on the “Delivery & Details” tab to read more about the health benefits of a copper water bottle, along with how to care for your bottle to get the most out of it.


Handmade & plastic free


This copper water bottle is an excellent alternative to smelly plastic bottles that litter our lands. It’s also 45% lighter than glass equivalents. The practical size fits into most bike bottle cradles.


Yogibeing’s copper water bottles are handmade by skilful artisans, meaning some natural variation occurs. Due to the flexible nature of copper, small leaks could happen. The silicone seal means you’re pretty safe though.


Gets better with age


The copper surface will age beautifully, like your favourite t-shirt. It naturally tarnishes over time, like birthmarks that tell a story. If you prefer the original surface look, check out the care tips on the “delivery & details” tab.


Yogibeings Ayurvedic drinking bottles come in hammered or smooth textures, and matte or polished. See them here.


These bottles are part of the Chalk & Moss selection of plastic-free living products, which you can find here.

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About the Designer

Yogibeings began life in Australia as a resource to bring you closer to modern day Ayurvedic living. They want to capture wisdom that has lived in Indian families for generations, and bring this to you in an accessible, digestible form. Their articles on Ayurvedic wisdom, food inspiration and nutritional advice, yoga love and now products for life, help inspire us to live healthier and more meaningful lives. It’s not hard to see how well this approach aligns to the Chalk & Moss foundations of nature connected living for wellbeing. So I’m proud to sell their copper bottles!


Water charged with copper ions is healing. Your copper bottle activates antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and naturally anti-microbial properties, which aids digestion, joint health and red blood cells. This improves your body’s ability to absorb iron, regulates the thyroid gland, increases melanin which protects your body from sun damage, regenerates cell damage and much more. Copper also helps keep your water cool. You can read more about the benefits in the product description and the delivery & details tab.


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