What can I do about those winter blues? Part One

What can I do about those winter blues? Part One
14/09/2017 Anna Sjostrom Walton
Air plants are delicately beautiful. Place by the window to draw your eyes to the outside view. Photographer: Jeff Sheldon from Unsplash

With the warm rays of sunshine getting fewer, we need to look after each ourselves to beat the winter blues.

I was asked to contribute to a post about this timely topic by fellow blogger Jules. She writes the insightful and entertaining vegan food, home and lifestyle blog My Family Home Blog.

This time of year it’s every bit as important to connect with nature. Take the time to enjoy its sights and smells to feel positive and healthy. I of course mean this both outside and inside the home.

Photographer: Sergio Rola

Autumn is a wonderful time to hit the woods. The smells and sounds have a huge feel good factor, particularly when it’s rained.

This co-written post also delves into our circadian rhythms, about tuning into natural light patterns for hormonal balance and restful sleep. Soon to come Part Two will delve into aspects such as good food for the colder months.

So get ready to avoid the winter blues by reading Part One

Read Part One here:

What can I do about those winter blues … ? Part one


To read more about how you can incorporate nature into your home, have a look at this explanation and advice for biophilic design. Here’s an example of such design. This is definitely an important aspect of the Future of Design.

Photographer Ew Stepkowska, sourced from Unsplash.

Place furniture and accessories to face windows to draw your eyes outside.

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