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Wellbeing 05/08/2017

A Hangover Smoothie for our Cooperative Festival

This is a hugely refreshing hangover smoothie. Cooling honeydew melon, sweet basil and zingy apple juice. And of course lots of ice.

Fantastic bands, weird and wonderful kids crafts, sports and activities, pop up drinks stands, a cracking hangover smoothie and lots of glitter. These were some of the things on offer this weekend gone at a little festival we organised in Sussex called DIYestival. We ran this as a cooperative affair with a group of friends, meaning everyone brought something to the festival, whether it was…

Wellbeing 04/07/2017

This green juice is a good brain and heart food

Heart food should be high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. This green juice contains many of the heart food ingredients, like cucumber, apple, pear, grape and kale.

Here’s a green juice that acts as a strong heart food. It also keeps your ones strong and your brain switched on! Read on to find out why it can also help protect you against cancer… Medical research into the effects of these ingredients is ongoing, so this article is written around current understandings of their associated benefits. Ingredients for this protective green juice heart…

Wellbeing 11/06/2017

Suffering from Insomnia? Try this Sleep Smoothie before Bed!

Sleep smoothie ingredients full of Vitamin D & C, magnesium, iron and more. Kale, lettuce, kiwi, bananas, almonds and flax seeds.

Here’s a sleep smoothie to try as a sleep aid. My eight year old daughter has always struggled to fall asleep, taking a good couple of hours every night to finally drop off. I’ve done a lot of research into the building blocks needed to control moods and sleep (yes, they are related!). The great news is there are a multitude of nutrients to both make you drowsy and build…

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