Long Pendant Silver Necklace – From The Deep (with 3 inserts)

Long Pendant Silver Necklace – From The Deep (with 3 inserts)


Brands:Libby Ward

Long pendant silver necklace formed using existing mineral stone forms and resin, resulting in an altogether new deep sea creation. Each necklace and pendant comes with 3 unique pendant inserts. Made from 925 silver.
Chain: 74 cm
Pendant: 40mm x 40mm x 15mm

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Long Pendant Silver Necklace – From The Deep necklace (with 3 inserts)


From the Deep necklaces take you deep down to unchartered sea beds. Research claims that 95% of the ocean floor remains a mystery. In exploring this, Libby Ward makes her own mythical stones by repurposing existing mineral stones.


Each necklace comes with three resin inserts, each one individually made and set with organic materials. As each insert piece is unique, so colours will vary. The pendant has tactile qualities that urge you to interact on a sensory level.


This long pendant silver necklace is 925 silver, with 1mm square wire handmade links. It’s about 74cm (29 inches) in length.


This pendant is fully polished silver. If you prefer another finish (half oxidised or fully oxidised/black), please contact [email protected]. You can see other finishes in other pieces from Libby Ward’s collection here.


The pendant measures 40mm wide x 40mm long x 15mm deep.


To see more of Libby’s organically shaped jewellery, click here.


Libby Ward

Long pendant silver necklace. Pendant made from 925 silver and comes with 3 unique inserts made from mineral stone and resin. A new type of deep sea creation! Chain: 74 cm Pendant: 40mm x 40mm x 15mm

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Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 4 cm

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About the Designer

Libby Ward


UK designer maker Libby Ward approaches design with experimental methodologies. Combining unusual and unexpected materials in a variety of of making processes, she creates thought provoking jewellery. By using chemical processes like electroforming, etching and patination, she creates biologically inspired surfaces. These are combined with natural objects like stone and moss, which have been given new life by materials like silicones, resins and latex. The tactile nature of her work connects people with textures, and question their attitude towards preciousness through materials. Her nature based collections consists of rings, pendants and necklaces, all combined with precious metals, that serve the style and ethics conscious nature enthusiast.


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