Furniture & Lighting

Furniture & lighting designs made with natural materials, shapes or processes. Connecting with nature improves our wellbeing and productivity.

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  • wooden candle holders - MIMA collection. Geometric candle sticks and tealight holders in three shapes and sizes.

    Wooden Candle Holders – MIMA

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  • Tall plant stand - MIMA from the MIMA collection of wooden furniture. Handmade in the UK by John Eadon

    Tall Plant Stand – MIMA

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  • turntable stand - MIMA - handmade by John Eadon, sold on

    Turntable Stand – MIMA

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  • Magazine Rack Table - MIMA. The perfect storage solution for books, magazines and plants. Popular as a magazine rack table in oak.

    Magazine Rack Table – MIMA

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  • Tripod table lamp - MIMA. Four British hardwoods, three different chords and an optional felt lamp shade.

    Tripod Table Lamp – MIMA

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  • wooden shelving units - MIMA modular shelving sets

    Wooden Shelving Units – MIMA Sets Large

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  • Wood wall shelving MIMA by John Eadon

    Wood Wall Shelving – MIMA Sets Small

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  • modular shelving - MIMA collection

    Modular Shelving Components – MIMA Large

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  • Wooden Wall Shelving - MIMA by John Eadon

    Wooden Wall Shelving Components – MIMA Small

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