Green Kitchen – A Unique Stockholm Apartment

Green Kitchen – A Unique Stockholm Apartment
07/07/2017 Anna Sjostrom Walton
Green kitchen with plants for a biophilic environment. photographed by Henrik Nero

This green kitchen really caught my eye! I have a natural tendency to incorporate lots of white and light in my spaces, which bounces off the plants and accessories. However, the carefully selected accessories in shades that complement the green walls and kitchen cabinets in this Stockholm apartment, create a space that’s industrial yet warmly welcoming. Plenty of light enters both the kitchen and living room to keep the spaces bright. The large plants and prints make the relatively small space feel larger.

Biophilic design is based on man’s innate need to connect with nature for our wellbeing, and incorporates natural elements into interior design and architecture. The natural colours, materials, motifs and accessories make this Stockholm apartment a nice example. You can find out more about Biophilic Design on this dedicated page. Interestingly, Scandinavian design doesn’t refer much to Biophilic Design, as a connection to nature in interiors taken for granted.

The apartment was photographed by Henrik Nero for the estate agent Ekenstam Fastighetsmäklare.

A Green Kitchen and Beyond
This green kitchen is quite unusual for Scandinavian interiors, which are normally dominated by white walls and minimalist accessories.

The marbled surface, patterned cabinets and accessories add depth and intrigue to the green kitchen.

The green kitchen continues through to the living room, which has the same shade of green.

The green theme continues throughout the apartment. This living room is quite small, but feels more spacious with the large hanging prints and tall plants. The look is easy on the eye, given the complementary colour scheme. Green has a soothing, relaxing effect when used in interior design.

The colour scheme is chosen to complement the green kitchen.

The shades of the sofa, cushions and prints have quite a theatrical and moody effect, but one that is simultaneously warm and relaxing. The large plant is positioned to draw your eyes to the window and view beyond. Smaller plants are used as table accessories.

The plants, wooden floor and animal motifs warm up the otherwise quite industrial look.

Green is the theme for this Stockholm apartment. Nature and natural elements play a strong role. Animal motifs and natural materials appear throughout, such as the wooden flooring so common in Scandinavian homes.


I recommend following Henrik Nero’s Instagram for more beautiful homes.

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