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Biophilic Design 20/07/2017

The Future of Design: Climate and Wellbeing as an Opportunity

Living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have trees! Even if your access to nature is restricted by city living, the residents in these apartments gain a natural perspective.

The future of design presents us with an opportunity for Positive Mental Attitudes, with regards to climate change and, importantly, also the wellbeing of our species. We must believe it’s possible to be more in tune, and surround ourselves with others who share this belief. Great plans then start forming. Architects and interior designers have a responsibility to lure people not into more luxury, but…

Interiors & Architecture 11/07/2017

Norwegian Cabin: Manshausen Island Resort

Norwegian cabin that surrounds you wilderness.

I was struck by this magnificent Norwegian cabin resort during my research into the country’s wilderness. The Manshausen Island Resort lies in the Steigen archipelago, above the Arctic Circle in Norway. Developed by polar explorer Børge Ousland, his vision was a sustainable adventure exploration resort that is fully immersed in the coast’s rugged environment. It is beautifully positioned between the Barents Sea and the famous Lofoten mountain…

Interiors & Architecture 07/07/2017

Green Kitchen – A Unique Stockholm Apartment

Green kitchen with plants for a biophilic environment. photographed by Henrik Nero

This green kitchen really caught my eye! I have a natural tendency to incorporate lots of white and light in my spaces, which bounces off the plants and accessories. However, the carefully selected accessories in shades that complement the green walls and kitchen cabinets in this Stockholm apartment, create a space that’s industrial yet warmly welcoming. Plenty of light enters both the kitchen and living…

Wellbeing 04/07/2017

This green juice is a good brain and heart food

Heart food should be high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. This green juice contains many of the heart food ingredients, like cucumber, apple, pear, grape and kale.

Here’s a green juice that acts as a strong heart food. It also keeps your ones strong and your brain switched on! Read on to find out why it can also help protect you against cancer… Medical research into the effects of these ingredients is ongoing, so this article is written around current understandings of their associated benefits. Ingredients for this protective green juice heart…

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