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May 2017

Beautiful things 24/05/2017

Make a terrarium with these easy steps!

Make a terrarium - so simple and inexpensive! This aesthetically pleasing terrarium is made with a fern and fittonia. I chose to limit to greens for timeless appeal.

It’s surprisingly easy to make a beautiful terrarium. Closed terrariums, whilst not giving you the air quality benefits of non-jarred indoor plants, are easy, fun, beautiful to look at, and are really easy to care for as they need little or no watering due to the closed eco system. This week I made my very own closed terrarium, and I’d love to share with you…

Biophilic Design 15/05/2017

Natural interiors for wellbeing: Biophilic Design reconnects us with nature

Natural interiors using biophilic principles: nature connected colours, materials, smells and sounds all contribute to wellbeing.

Natural interiors using Biophilic Design aim to reconnect us with nature. These spaces use natural elements in our homes, offices, schools, hospitals and more, to restore health and wellbeing. Think of a time or place where you felt – or would feel – completely relaxed. A place where you’re free of the burdens and stresses of everyday life. Chances are you were in a natural environment. Research…

Wellbeing 10/05/2017

Black Turtle Bean, Wild Rice & Steamed Vegetable Buddha Bowl

Pretty much every colour is represented in this Buddha Bowl, which is great when it comes to nutrition through vitamins and minerals. The more colours you pack in, the better!

Resembling the belly of a Buddha, the Buddha Bowl is a fun, pretty and healthy way to combine protein, grains, vegetables and… well, whatever you fancy, in a large bowl full of goodness and fun. Black Turtle Bean: A Nutritional Wonder Rocket I’ve recently started experimenting with a black nutritional rocket called the black turtle bean. These beans are a fantastic option for vegetarians or if (like…

Beautiful things 09/05/2017

Josef Frank: Freeform Botanical Patterns Funding Environmental Sustainability

A typical set up for Josef Frank of Svenkt Tenn

The textile patterns, furniture and relatively unknown paintings by Josef Frank of Svenskt Tenn have been exhibited at London’s Fashion and Textile museum this spring. Josef Frank was forever the optimist and nature lover. In a world adapting to WW2 and industrialisation, he designed textile patterns depicting a paradise with fantasy botanics in every colour. Austrian born architect and designer Josef Frank moved to Sweden in 1933, due…

Beautiful things 07/05/2017

Artisanal finds at London Craft Week: Mouseman, LOEWE, Silvia K and more

London Craft Week is drawing to a close, after a week of wonderful craft exhibitions across the city. Pictured above are some of the highlights on my tour, including; LOEWE & MOUSEMAN AT LIBERTY LONDON: Simon Cartwright of Mouseman of Kilman is a fifth generation master carver and son of Robert Thomson. Mouseman collaborated with leather specialists LOEWE making pieces that include both of their individual signature elements. The dividing…

Wellbeing 05/05/2017

The New Craftsmen – A Home For All at London Craft Week

In this kitchen, we could talk and experiment, creating our own herb salts. The name of the room was "Gather", and represents the cooking ritual in the home.

The New Craftsmen have collaborated with Selfridges for London Craft Week to create A Home For All, a hidden gem of an installation in the department store’s lower ground floor. Until 9th June, visitors are welcomed through a Tolkienesque door into a mystical representation of Home. The space was divided into four rooms, representing four home rituals: Rest – Gather – Play – Cleanse. Somewhat eerie at…

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